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20in20 for Pretty Little Liars & The Lying Games
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♥ Sign ups are posted towards the end of every month, around the 20th.
♥You may sign up with one character or pairing from either Pretty Little Liars or The Lying Game.
♥You may not sign up with the same subject as someone else and you may only sign up with the same subject every three rounds. Meaning if you sign up for Hanna in round 1, you cannot choose her again until round 3.
♥ You may use stills/caps, bts images, or images of the actor out of character if you wish, unless it's specifically stated otherwise.
♥You will have 20 days to complete 20 icons - 10 will be themes, and 5 will be a category set with a given theme, and the remaining 5 will be your choice.
♥ Icons must fit lj standards and must not be animated. They must be completely made by you, for this challenge.
♥ Submit your entries in a new post, with three teasers. You may post your icons here, or just link to your journal. The post must remain open until the end of the round.
♥ If you need an extension or will not be able to submit, please contact one of the mods.

♥ Voting will be up for about a week.
♥ It's preferred that you vote if you entered, but it is not a requirement.
♥ DO NOT vote for yourself or for a specific maker. Be as unbiased as possible, please do not vote for an icon just because you like the character or show.
♥ You may ask friends to come and vote, just do not ask them to vote for you specifically.
♥ Pay attention to the number of icons and sets you are supposed to vote for. Your vote will not be counted if you vote for more or less than is required.

Your mod is lauraelizabeth9. PM me if you have any questions/problems.
Thanks to enamors @ nightingails for the layout and refuted for the profile.
If you'd like to help out with banners, leave a comment on any post made by me. :)

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